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Indiana Dental Clinics (FREE and Sliding Scale For Low Income)

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Barrington Health Center (HealthNet Community Health Centers)
3401 E. Raymond St., Indianapolis
[46203] Services include comprehensive primary care (Pediatrics, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN), counseling, laboratory testing, free pregnancy tests, immunizations, podiatry, HIV testing/counseling, X-ray and patient education. Funds are available for needed tests.

Blackburn Dental Clinic ( Wishard Health Services)
Blackburn Health Center, Indianapolis
[46208] Provides dental care services for persons of all ages. All fees are fixed for Marion County residents; public and private insurance accepted. Call individual centers for appointment or Health Connection at (317) 655-2255 for general information and referral.

Children's Dental Clinic of Indianapolis
5430 E. Washington St., Indianapolis
[46219] Provides dental care for those under the age of 21 on Medicaid and Hoosier Healthwise.

Citizens Health Corporation - Dental Services
1650 N. College Ave., Indianapolis
[46202] Provides fillings and extractions on a sliding scale basis. Dentures are on fixed scale.

Cottage Corner Dental Clinic ( Wishard Health Services)
Cottage Corner Health Center, Indianapolis
[46203] Provides dental care services for persons of all ages. All fees are fixed for Marion County residents; public and private insurance accepted. Call individual centers for appointment or Health Connection at (317) 655-3219 for general information and referral.

Dental Care Southeast Health Center
901 Shelby St., Indianapolis

Dental Clinic (Trinity Free Clinic Inc.)
14598 Oakridge Rd., Carmel
[46032] Provides a mandatory dental screening which includes x-rays, examination and a follow-up appointment. Patients who need specialized care are provided a referral. Will only see 12 patients per Saturday.

Forest Manor Dental Clinic (Wishard Health Services)
Forest Manor Health Center, Indianapolis
[46226] Provides dental care services for Marion County residents of all ages. Adults are subject to income restrictions. All fees are sliding scale for Marion County residents; public and private insurance accepted. Call individual centers for appointment or Health Connection at (317) 655-2255 for general information and referral.

Gennesaret Free Clinic - Dental Center
Blue Triangle Residence Hall, Indianapolis
[46204] Provides free dental care including cleanings, fillings, extractions, x-rays, dental health education and emergency examinations. Clinic is geared toward the homeless and the poor. Patients must meet financial guidelines and residency requirements.

Give Back A Smile - GBAS (AACD)
5401 World Dairy Dr., Madison
Offers adult women and men who have received dental injuries from a former intimate partner or spouse in a domestic assault and/or whose injuries are to the front teeth and/or supporting structures of the front teeth causing the survivor's smile to be compromised. This program does not replace work that has already been repaired and does not correct errors caused by tooth neglect.
Procedure: 1. Applicants must call the toll free number and give their name, mailing address and telephone number.
2. The NCADV mails the application to them.
3. The applicant fills out the application with the assistance of a domestic violence counselor or advocate and returned to NCADV.
4. If approved the application is forwarded by the NCADV to the AACD who will check it.
5. Applicant is notified by letter if they qualify.
6. A letter is sent to the closest volunteer cosmetic dentist.
7. Once a dentist has accepted the case a letter is sent to the applicant with the volunteer dentist's contact information. It is the applicant's responsibility to set up a consultation. At the same time a packet is sent to the volunteer dentist that includes the application, guidelines for the program, a release form and the final report form.
8. During the consultation the dentist will again check and make sure the applicant still qualifies. If not then the case will be closed and AACD will be notified.
9. If the applicant does still qualify the volunteer dentist will fix any dental injuries in the applicant's smile zone.
10. If lab work is needed the applicant will be given contact information of labs that will donate their work.
11. When the work is completed the volunteer dentist will submit case to the AACD and the case will be closed.

Grassy Creek Dental Clinic (Wishard Health Services)
Grassy Creek Health Center, Indianapolis
[46235] Provides dental care services for persons of all ages. All fees are fixed for Marion County residents; public and private insurance accepted. Call individual centers for appointment or Health Connection at (317) 655-2255 for general information and referral.

Indiana Children's Special Health Care Services - CSHCS
2 N. Meridian St., Sec. 7B, Indianapolis
[46204] Provides family-centered care coordination, primary and specialty program medical services, and dental services to children birth-21 who are financially and medically in need of health services as the result of chronic illness or disability. Families must meet medical and financial criteria. Call for application site information; especially Marion County residents as there are multiple sites.

Indiana Donated Dental Services (Indiana Dental Association)
401 W. Michigan St., Ste. 1000, Indianapolis
[46206] Provides free dental services for persons in financial need who have a serious dental problem and a physical, mental or psychological disability. Agency does eligibility screening and has a waiting list.

Indiana University School of Dentistry
1121 W. Michigan St., Indianapolis
[46202] Offers a wide range of dental services performed by pre-doctoral and graduate students. Fees are based on services needed not on income but are generally less than in the private sector. Payment in full at time of service. Payment options are available. New patients need to call for an appointment.

Indianapolis District Dental Society - Dental Care Information
8780 Purdue Rd., Ste. 8, Indianapolis
[46268] Provides information on dental care and referrals to private dentists by geographic area who are accepting new patients. Does not provide Medicaid referrals. Serves Marion, Shelby, Johnson, Morgan, Hamilton, Hendricks, Hancock and Tipton counties.

Kingsway Community Care Center
6722 E. US Hwy 36, Avon
[46123] Offers a low cost primary medical care clinic as well as dental extractions and fillings to those without insurance.

Kool Smiles, Northside
2248 E. 53rd St., Indianapolis
[46220] Provides dental care to Hoosier Healthwise and Medicaid patients 1 to 20 years old. The patient must be currently on Medicaid or Hoosier Healthwise and the parent or guardian must attend appointments. Also accepts private insurance.

Kool Smiles, Southside
3658 S. East St., Indianapolis
[46227] Provides dental care to Hoosier Healthwise and Medicaid patients 1 to 20 years old. The patient must be currently on Medicaid or Hoosier Healthwise and the parent or guardian must attend appointments. Free dental screenings for groups of three or more. Also gives in-services dealing with good oral hygiene. Also accepts private insurance.

Marion County Health Department - Dental Services
3838 N. Rural St., Indianapolis
[46205] Provides dental clinical services at three locations to any resident of Marion County who has Health Advantage. Services include examinations, X-rays, teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, fillings, extractions and emergency relief of pain. Other program components include outreach in the community with dental health education in schools and at health fairs with the Smile Mobile. Dental services are provided at the following clinics only: Blackburn Clinic, Arlington Clinic and Phillip & Vivian Pecar Clinic.

Martindale Brightwood Dental Center (HealthNet)
2855 N. Keystone Ave., Ste.100, Indianapolis
[46218] Provides preventive dental services (cleanings, fluoride treatments, brushing instructions), crowns, extractions, fillings, bridgework and dentures on a sliding scale fee for those providing proof of income.

Martindale Brightwood Health Center (HealthNet)
2855 N. Keystone Ave., Ste. 100, Indianapolis
[46218] Services include comprehensive primary care (Pediatrics, Family Practice, OB/GYN), counseling, laboratory testing, immunizations, HIV testing/counseling and patient education. Funds are available for needed tests.

Mobile Dentist Services
Locations Vary, Indianapolis
[00000] Provides a statewide on-site preventive dental services to groups of children age 1 to 18 and to disabled individuals to age 21. The service provides dental exams, cleanings, fluorides, x-rays and sealants. Parents will be given a report to point out any problems or concerns the staff may have. They will also provide the child's x-rays to the dentist providing restorative care upon request. Clients may not contact this agency on an individual basis. Children must be in a group setting such as Head Start, day camp, school, YMCA, church or similar organization. That organization must then contact the agency and make arrangements to have a dental team visit their location. There must be at least 30 children participating and a signed permission slip for each child must be submitted. Children on Medicaid, Hoosier Healthwise or who have private insurance or no insurance may use this program.

North Arlington Health Center (Wishard Health Services)
North Arlington Health Center, Indianapolis
[46219] Provides comprehensive health care services for persons of all ages including physician services, lab tests, pharmacy services, immunizations, OB/GYN, family planning, pregnancy testing, social work services, prenatal services, services for young parents, WIC, nutrition counseling, adolescent care and physical exams. All fees are sliding scale for Marion County residents; public and private insurance accepted. Call individual centers for appointment or Health Connection at (317) 655-2255 for general information and referral.

Oral Health Program (Indiana Dept of Health)
2 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis
[46204] Provides oral health education information regarding prevention of dental disease, water fluoridation, epidemiology and infection control procedures.

People's Dental Clinic (HealthNet Community Health Centers)
People's Dental Center, Indianapolis
[46201] Provides preventive dental services (cleanings, fluoride treatments, brushing instructions), crowns, extractions, fillings, bridgework and dentures on a sliding scale.

Philip & Vivian Pecar Dental Clinic (MCHD)
6940 N. Michigan Rd., Indianapolis
[46268] Offers a dental clinic sponsored by the MCHD at this location. Clients must be Marion County residents and must be on Health Advantage if over 18. And on Hoosier Healthwise and a Marion County resident if under 19 can pay the $10 .

Raphael Dental Clinic
401 E. 34th St., Indianapolis
[46205] Provides dental care to patients of all ages. First visit for all patients is for exam & x-rays to determine need for further dental treatment. Only children 12 and under will receive a cleaning during the first visit; all other must reschedule for their cleaning. Emergency dental care is available, however please call first. Currently do not offer partial or complete denture services, nor crown & bridge.

Riverview Community Health Clinic (Riverview Hospital)
601 A Westfield Rd., Noblesville
[46060] Provides a broad range of health services for Medicaid patients and low income persons. Services are provided by nurse practitioner with physician available. Sliding scale fees. Offers prenatal services for Medicaid patients in conjunction with local physicians. Fixed fees. Well Child Clinic provides check ups, immunizations and limited dental services for children birth-5 years in Hamilton County. Call for appointment.

Senior Smile Program (Indiana Dental Assoc)
401 W. Michigan St., Ste. 1000, Indianapolis
[46202] Provides referrals to participating dentists who offer reduced rates to low income persons 65 and older who do not have private dental insurance or Medicaid. To apply for this program, contact the local Agency on Aging.

Small Smiles Dental Clinic, Eastside
5430 E. Washington St., Indianapolis
[46222] Provides dental care to Medicaid/Hoosier Healthwise patients 20 years old and younger.

Small Smiles Dental Clinic, Westside
2802 Lafayette Rd., Ste. 33, Indianapolis
[46222] Provides dental care to Medicaid/Hoosier Healthwise patients 20 years old and younger.

Wishard Health Services - General Dentistry / Oral Surgery
1001 W. 10th St., Ste. RG3101, Indianapolis
Provides general dentistry (no dentures) by appointment five days per week for Marion County residents. Performs surgical procedures such as extractions, biopsy and treatment of fractured jaws. Also available at some Community Health Center sites.
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Poppyday13   in reply to grammyof1
Rental assistance programs can help qualified Indianapolis and Marion County Indiana families pay their monthly rent and other housing expenses. Learn about and apply for a wide number of housing programs. Funds to help pay rent may be issued by a number of programs, including those offered by the state of Indiana, federal government, your town, and local regional non-profits.

Many towns and cities in Marion County also offer their own local emergency and financial assistance programs, which can be used to pay rent. This is a requirement of each town and county and is available as part of Indiana state law. These are known as the Indiana Township Trustee Programs. Each housing and rent program that is administered in the Indianapolis area will have its own criteria for applying, and most have limited funding. Find an extensive listing of your options below.

The Latino/Hispanic community in Indianapolis can contact La Plaza for financial assistance. The non-profit provides the low income with a wide variety of assistance programs and services. Among those services includes include low income housing advice, assessment, counseling, referral to rent and energy assistance, case management, advocacy, job counseling, outreach, and follow-up. When funds are available at the agency, the low income clients who qualify for help may even apply for direct financial assistance to pay rent, mortgage, housing expenses, and other bills. (317) 890-3292

Southeast Community Centers
901 South Shelby Street
Fountain Square Center
Indianapolis, Indiana 46203
(317) 236-7400
This non-profit center can offer rent assistance to individuals who live within boundaries: N-Washington St.; S-Thompson Rd.; E-Post Rd.; W-I-65 of the city.

Christ Church Cathedral ((317) 636-4577) pays up to $50 for the first ten qualified individuals who look for housing or rent assistance.

Forest Manor Multi Service Center. Dial (317) 545-1204 for information on grants and rent assistance. Referrals and other support may be provided.

Hawthorne Community Center administers the Center for Working Families. The non-profit is based at 70 North Mount Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dial (317) 637-4312

Martin Luther King Community Center
40 West 40th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208
(317) 923-4581
If you live within boundaries of N-71st St.; S-23rd St./Fall Creek Pkwy.; E-Fall Creek Pkwy./Binford Blvd.; W-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St./Michigan Rd, you may be able to apply for rent assistance and/or low income housing.

Community Alliance of the Far Eastside – Phone (317) 890-3288. Low income residents who are living within boundaries: N-56th St./Pendleton Pk.; S-Washington St.; E-Carroll Rd./County Line; W-I-465 in Marion County can apply for assessment, referrals to non-profits and community action agencies, outreach, information, advocacy, and additional follow-up services.

Concord Center Association
1310 South Meridian Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46225
(317) 637-4376
The non-profit covers the area of boundaries: N-Washington St., S-Thompson Rd., E-I-65, W-White River.

Community Services Department provides housing and rent assistance to all of Marion County and Indianapolis. The phone number is 317-926-4357. The primary program they offer is the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program, which can provide money to pay for moving expenses, security deposits, and recurring rent for at most 18 months. Case management is also offered as part of this process.

Fay Biccard Glick Neighborhood Center at Crooked Creek, located at 2990 West 71st Street in Indianapolis ((317) 293-2600) can offer services such as case management, housing counseling, information, and referral to non-profits and local charity organizations. Also find out about government rent assistance programs. While funding is limited, when money is in fact available, low income or struggling clients in crisis situations may apply for help with paying their monthly rent, mortgage, or utility bills too.

Anna's House – People who live in the Stringtown area of Indianapolis can apply for rental assistance. Programs cover those living within boundaries: N-Michigan St.; S-Washington St.; E-White River Pkwy. Dial (317) 631-5504.

American Legion of Indianapolis serves veterans and/or their immediate families. The non-profit may be able to offer emergency financial assistance to qualified veterans to provide for the basic needs of their minor children, including rent help, shelter, free food, clothing, furniture, and medical care. Call (317) 916-3605 to apply for assistance, which of course is not guaranteed.

Catholic Charities Indianapolis, which is based on 1435 North Illinois Street in Indianapolis and can be reached at (317) 236-1512, can pay at most $25 towards monthly rent.

Marion County and Indianapolis Salvation Army Fountain Square can provide limited amounts of financial assistance to low income families and individuals who are in a financial hardship, who are in a short term crisis, or who are facing eviction or disconnection when funds are available. Apply for immediate crisis assistance with paying your rent, utility bills, or other emergency financial needs (such as housing or disconnection) may be offered if all other means, government programs and other options have been exhausted. Address is 1337 South Shelby Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. Dial (317) 632-0156.

Rent help from Marion County Township Trustees

Center Township Trustee,
863 Massachusetts Avenue
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204
Phone umber of the rent program is 633-3610

Decatur Township Trustee,
5410 South High School Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46221
Phone: 856-6600

Franklin Township Trustee,
Center address - 6231 South Arlington Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46237
Phone: 780-1700

Lawrence Township Trustee,
9001 East 59th Street
Suite 101
Indianapolis, Indiana 46226
Dial 545-7860 for help with rent

Perry Township Trustee, Marion County
4925 South Shelby Street
Indianapolis, IN 46227
Phone: 788-4810

Pike Township Trustee, Marion County
5665 Lafayette Road, Suite C
Indianapolis, Indiana 46254
Phone: 291-5801

Warren Township Trustee,
501 North Post Road
Suite A
Indianapolis, IN 46219
Phone: 897-2071

Washington Township Trustee, Marion County
5117 North Michigan Road
Indianapolis, IN 46228
Call 252-5222 for rental programs

Wayne Township Trustee,
Address - 5401 West Washington Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 46241
Phone: 241-4191

Clay Township Trustee
10701 North College Avenue, Suite B
Tele - (317) 846-2773
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Poppyday13   in reply to grammyof1
Hi this was updated 2 weeks ago and is good info . The rest seems to be out of date.
FREE DENTAL WORK .Check with your State Dental Association in your area and ask if there is a Mission of Mercy free dental care scheme near you.
Mission of Mercy events across America have been providing free dental services for the underserved since 2000.Each year, more state organizations are formed and join the effort to make a difference.
Mission of Mercy events have helped over 135,000 patients and provided nearly 76 million dollars in free services since 2000.

Alabama Dental Association 836 Washington Avenue Montgomery, AL, 36104-3839, USA Phone (334) 265-1684
Alaska Dental Society 9170 Jewel Lake Rd. Suite 100 Anchorage, AK, 99502-5381, USA Phone (907) 563-3003
Arkansas State Dental Association 7480 Highway 107 Sherwood, AR, 72120, USA Phone (501) 834-7650
California Dental Association 1201 K Street 14th Floor Sacramento, CA, 95814, USA Phone (800) 232-7645
Colorado Dental Association 8101 E Prentice Ave, Ste 400 Greenwood Village, CO, 80111, USA Phone (303) 740-6900
Connecticut State Dental Association 835 West Queen Street Southington, CT, 06489, USA Phone (860) 378-1800
Delaware State Dental Society Christiana Executive Campus 200 Continental Drive, Suite 111 Newark, DE, 19713, USA
Phone (302) 368-7634
District Of Columbia Dental Society 502 C Street, N.E. Washington, DC, 20002-5810, USA Phone (202) 547-7613
Florida Dental Association 1111 E. Tennessee St. Ste. 102 Tallahassee, FL, 32308-6913, USA Phone (850) 681-3629
Georgia Dental Association 7000 Peachtree Dunwoody Road NE Suite 200, Building 17 Atlanta, GA, 30328-1655, USA Phone (404) 636-7553
Idaho State Dental Association 1220 W. Hays Boise, ID, 83702-5315, USA
Phone (208) 343-7543
Illinois State Dental Society1010 S. Second St P.O. Box 376 Springfield, IL, 62705-0376, USA Phone (217) 525-1406
Indiana Dental Association P. O. Box 2467 Indianapolis, IN, 46206-2467, USA Phone (317) 634-2610
Iowa Dental Association 5530 West Parkway, Ste 100 Johnston, IA, 50131, USA Phone (515) 986-5605
Kansas Dental Association 5200 SW Huntoon St. Topeka, KS, 66604-2398, USA Phone (785) 272-7360
Kentucky Dental Association 1920 Nelson Miller Parkway Louisville, KY, 40223-2164, USA Phone (502) 489-9121
Louisiana Dental Association 7833 Office Park Blvd. P O Box 261173
Baton Rouge, LA, 70809-7604, USA Phone (225) 926-1986
Maine Dental Association 29 Association Drive Manchester, ME, 04351-0215, USA Phone (207) 622-7900
Maryland State Dental Association 6410 Dobbin Road Suite F Columbia, MD, 21045-4774, USA Phone (410) 964-2880
Massachusetts Dental Society 2 Willow St. Suite 200 Southborough, MA, 01745-1027, USA Phone (508) 480-9797
Michigan Dental Association 3657 Okemos Road Ste. 200 Okemos, MI, 48864-3927, USA Phone (517) 372-9070
Minnesota Dental Association 1335 Industrial Blvd, Ste 200 Minneapolis, MN, 55413-4801, USA Phone (612) 767-8400
Mississippi Dental Association 439 B Katherine Dr Flowood, MS, 39232, USA Phone (601) 664-9691
Missouri Dental Association 3340 American Ave Jefferson City, MO, 65109, USA Phone (573) 634-3436
Montana Dental Association P. O. Box 1154 38 S Last Chance Gulch, Ste 205 Helena, MT, 59601-4139, USA Phone (406) 443-2061
Nebraska Dental Association 7160 South 29th Street, Ste 1 Lincoln, NE, 68516-5853, USA Phone (402) 476-1704
Nevada Dental Association 8863 W. Flamingo Rd. Suite 102 Las Vegas, NV, 89147-8718, USA Phone (702) 255-4211
New Hampshire Dental Society 23 South State Street Concord, NH, 03301, USA Phone (603) 225-5961
New Jersey Dental Association One Dental Plaza P.O. Box 6020 North Brunswick, NJ, 08902-6020, USA Phone (732) 821-9400
New Mexico Dental Association Suite 601 201 Montgomery Blvd, NE
Albuquerque, NM, 87111, USA Phone (505) 332-0446
New York State Dental Association 20 Corporate Woods Blvd. Suite 602
Albany, NY, 12211, USA Phone (518) 465-0044
North Carolina Dental Society 1600 Evans Road Cary, NC, 27513, USA
Phone (919) 234-4027
North Dakota Dental Association P. O. Box 1332 Bismarck, ND, 58502-1332, USA Phone (701) 223-8870
Ohio Dental Association 1370 Dublin Rd. Columbus, OH, 43215-1009, USA
Phone (614) 486-2700
Oklahoma Dental Association 317 NE 13th Street Oklahoma City, OK, 3104, USA Phone (405) 848-8873
Oregon Dental Association PO Box 3710 Wilsonville, OR, 97070-3710, USA Phone (503) 218-2010
Pennsylvania Dental Association 3501 N. Front St. Harrisburg, PA, 17110, USA Phone (717) 234-5941
Rhode Island Dental Association 875 Centerville Commons Building 4, Ste 12 Warwick, RI, 02886, USA Phone (401) 825-7700
South Carolina Dental Association 120 Stonemark Lane Columbia, SC, 29210-3841, USA Phone (803) 750-2277
South Dakota Dental Association P. O. Box 1194 804 N. Euclid, Suite 103
Pierre, SD, 57501-1194, USA Phone (605) 224-9133
Tennessee Dental Association Suite 300 660 Bakers Bridge Ave Franklin, TN, 37067, USA Phone (615) 628-0208
Texas Dental Association 1946 South IH-35 Suite 400 Austin, TX, 78704, USA Phone (512) 443-3675
Utah Dental Association 151 East 3900 South Suite B160 Salt Lake City, UT, 84124-1255, USA Phone (801) 261-5315
VERMONT Dental Society 1 Kennedy Dr, Ste L3 South Burlington, VT, 05403, USA Phone (802) 864-0115
VIRGINIA Dental Association 3460 Mayland Court, Ste 110 Henrico, VA, 23233, USA Phone (804) 288-5750
WASHINGTON STATE Dental Association 126 NW Canal Seattle, WA, 98107, USA Phone (206) 448-1914
WEST VIRGINIA Dental Association 2016 1/2 Kanawha Blvd E. Charleston, WV, 25311-2204, USA Phone (304) 344-5246
WISCONSIN Dental Association 6737 W Washington St Suite 2360 West Allis, WI, 53214, USA Phone (414) 276-4520
WYOMING Dental Association 259 S Center, Ste 201 Casper, WY, 82601, USA Phone (307) 237-1186
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grammyof1   in reply to sommerdawn
I am the same sommerdawn. I am working but it is an on-call position however, I have 18 years office experience and can't get an office job because my teeth look so horrible. Actually have a front one with 3/4 missing and no jaw teeth and no insurance.
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My husband who is only 25 has been having issues with his teeth since he was 14. He has already had half his teeth pulled (costing $200 per tooth) here and there as we have gotten money. he has maybe 10 teeth left? of which all of them are breaking/just falling apart. He can be chewing a piece of gum and loose a tooth. He is constantly in pain, won't even smile because he is so embarrassed of his teeth. He has left his front teeth which are causing so much pain just because he's too embarrassed to have them pulled (we couldn't current;y afford it anyway) They are constantly getting affected, swelling his whole face, causing fevers, drainage. we are in Bloomington and every dentist we have found on an income level is in Indianapolis and you have to be a marion county resident. Please help my husband to smile again! We would do anything! I will clean your office every day for 10 years to pay it off!
Talk to curtjen1996
just need a root canal. I refuse to have it pulled but I'm a homeless young adult with no source of income
Talk to Indiana21
Disabled Vet/Single Parent
I am proud to say I have a 23 yr old daughter in Grad school. I can not help her with her dental problem,I have always kept up on there teeth her and my 15 yr old son. However she needs her wisdom teeth pulled they are hurting her, and starting to crowd her teeth, and I am a shamed to say I can not help her. All the dentist want paid in full..
Please help.. I was prepared to die for your children I jus need a little help with mine? I don't want to make anyone feel guilty, I am and was sincere.
Talk to Disabled Vet/Single Parent
I just need help I have the worst mouth I have ever seen I am unemployed and I would love to get my teeth fixed and straightened before I loose them all. Its hard to find jobs just because my teeth are just so bad. Please someone help.
Talk to sommerdawn
my boyfriend needs a tooth pulled and has no insurance as he just lost his job. he has an infection with the tooth because of a puss sac as the people in the er had said... anywhere he can go
Talk to wildboysmommy
My brother is in need of teeth extractions and dentures and he has no insurance because he is the sole care taker of our elderly parents. CAN he get any dental assistance .....Indiana